Business to investor speed networking session

organized by USAID-East Africa Trade and Investment Hub and KenInvest
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Side Events
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Sarova Stanley Hotel
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21 July 2016
09:00 - 12:00 Africa/Nairobi

This will be a structured matchmaking networking activity on the sidelines of the World Investment Forum aimed at attracting new trading partners and mobilizing investment capital into Eastern Africa. During a series of 10-minute ne-on-one interactive discussions global UNCIAD World Investment Forum participants looking to trade and invest in East Africa will have an opportunity to interact with key stakeholders in the government, private sector ,financing and business service providers to learn more about doing business in East Africa.

Issues to be addressed

  • The different investment options available in East Africa
  • The different trade and market linkage opportunities available
  • The requirements set out by local governments and the support they offer or global businesses to set up in the various countries in the region
  • the support provided by business development firms
  • the services offered by government investment promotion agencies to both businesses and investors
  • the types of funding options available in the region
  • unique homegrown East African companies looking for new trade and investment opportunities that are ready for scaling up to the global landscape

The outcome

  • The event will provide an initial dialogue opportunity that can lead to trade and investment
  • Increased awareness of different types of opportunities with East Africa
  • Services available from government and other providers to investors and businesses