"We all have a stake in our shared future," says former US President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Addressing via video the World Investment Forum yesterday, former United States President Bill Clinton commended the Forum on its efforts to develop policy frameworks that promote investment and develop entrepreneurship.

We all have a stake in our shared future, and everyone has a role to play in extending the benefits of global prosperity,”

said Mr. Bill Clinton yesterday in a video address to the third World Investment Forum (WIF), taking place in Doha as part of UNCTAD XIII conference.

“Whether we’re in the public sector, the private sector or civil society, we’ll have to work together to ensure that investment contributes to broad-scale development, respects environmental and social standards, and becomes a force for good that brings shared prosperity through shared responsibilities,” Mr. Clinton reminded.

Stating his strong belief in the transformative effect of business in building a more stable and more sustainable global economy, Mr. Clinton pointed to the example of Haiti, where his foundation is working to encourage economic growth. 
“International investment is beginning to revive the country’s economy, and to provide tens of thousands of jobs and opportunities to allow Haitians to lift themselves from poverty. I’ve seen it in Africa in Latin America, and in other places across the world where we work,” he said.
“We know that, as we recover from the financial crisis that swept the entire globe, we’ll have more opportunities to accelerate investment and encourage sustainable development, in even more of the world’s poorest countries,” Mr. Clinton said. “The WIF provides an essential platform for the international community to do just that,” he concluded, assuring the participants of the potentially “huge impact” that the Forum can have.

Mr. Clinton's video address to the World Investment Forum 2012