Report Back Project

Towards a Repository of Possible Reform Options

In advance of the Expert Meeting on “The Transformation of the IIA Regime” UNCTAD launched a platform for sharing the outcomes of other initiatives that address IIA reform, by means of facilitating a “report-back” on these initiatives. Reporting may cover two types of initiatives:

  • Meetings, including inter-governmental, academic or multi-stakeholder events that have addressed IIA (including ISDS) reform;
  • Research projects or papers, that have addressed IIA (including ISDS) reform.

Report-backs are placed in the publicly accessible “repository” of reform-oriented proposals. While contributions that were received before 20 February fed into experts’ deliberation during the 25-27 February Expert Meeting, the repository  remains online and available to the general public on the WIF website after the meeting; similarly, relevant additions to the repository will also be accepted over the course of 2015. For a submission to be posted, it must satisfy a basic level of quality and relevance.

To ensure relevance, a number of criteria guide the selection of meetings that qualify for report back (these criteria also apply to research projects or papers, mutatis mutandis).

  1. Type of event: The event was held at the intergovernmental, academic or multi-stakeholder (including the private sector or civil society) level. Please note that this may also include multi-stakeholder working groups’ discussions on IIA reforms in formal or informal settings.
  2. Topic of the event: The event or session(s) of the event directly address the issue of IIA reform or the reform of ISDS.
  3. Outcome of the event: The outcome of the event offers concrete solutions – preferably in the form of action points – on how to address IIA or ISDS reform.
  4. Who can submit reports: In principle, 2-page reports can be submitted by the organizer(s) of an event or by chairs, invited speakers and participants. Submissions by chairs, speakers or participants should be coordinated with and endorsed by the organizers of the event in order to prevent misrepresentation.
  5. Further information: The person submitting a report back should provide a photo, the official title and affiliation of the person, a logo of the affiliation (if possible) and the title of the report. In case of submissions of organizations as such, please provide the name of the organization and its logo. This information will be displayed on the submissions webpage.

Report back will take place by means of submitting 2-pagers (word format) for uploading on UNCTAD’s WIF website. The document will be formatted by the UNCTAD Secretariat.

When preparing your 2-page report, please be guided by the following:

  1. Rather than summarizing the event/project, the report should focus on concrete research findings, innovative and forward-looking ideas and proposals related to IIA, or ISDS reform that have been developed or presented at the event/ project.
  2. Please limit yourself to 2 pages; more detailed information can be supplied by means of endnotes or hyperlinks.
  3. The aim of the 2-page report is to advance the discussions that were commenced at the IIA Conference “Reforming the International Investment Agreements Regime” at the World Investment Forum 2014 (16 October 2014). In this regard, we highly appreciate submissions which look at reform proposals towards achieving sustainable development and inclusive growth.

The title page of the submission should include the following information:

  • Classify your event/research project according to the four general categories: intergovernmental, academic, multi-stakeholder or other
  • Organizer of the event/research project
  • Number of speakers and/or participants that were present at the event / that contribute to the research projects
  • Date of the event/duration of the research project
  • Location (city/country)
  • Full title of the event/research project
  • Format (e.g. panel discussion, workshop, training course, survey, empirical research etc.)
  • Key message(s) or finding(s) regarding IIA or ISDS reform
  • Weblink to the event’s page or research project/paper (if available)

If you wish to receive further information, please contact us at: