Mr. Kabalano Rampa

Regional Director, NADRA Global
Mr. Kabalano Rampa
Mr. Kabalano Rampa
Regional Director, NADRA Global

Following a dynamic 14 years in creating a meaningful impact in international trade and investment in Africa, Kabalano's passion and vision is accelerating a brighter and sustainable future for the African continent; starting small, starting where you are and going in for the long haul.

A young African visionary who has studied, worked and founded organizations in both Africa and China. Currently heading diverse teams spread across two different continents with different time zones and still successfully crushing targets on a daily basis. After spending more than a decade deeply focused on international trade between Africa and Asia, Kabalano is now dedicated to dynamic, sustainable African development including establishing cross market synergies between African organizations and international counterparts. 

Functional Experience Includes;

Experience in developing new and increased business linkages and commercial partnerships between businesses, state-owned companies and government agencies.

Experience in developing partnerships with other regional agencies to facilitate trade initiatives and projects aimed at identifying opportunities for potential trade and investment opportunities.

In-depth experience in managing and working with teams in diverse locations with diverse cultures and different languages.

Experience in developing strategies that target marginalized communities, both socially and economically, including women, youth, and persons with disabilities.

Developing digital trade action plans and E-Commerce strategies for African organizations and SMMEs;
Currently embarking on formulating possible policy models and market gap solutions for e-commerce at the continental level.

In-depth experience in creating trust by cultivating long-term relationships internally and externally across multiple firms in different continents.

Kabalano graduated Summa Cum Laude in International Business (MBA) at Nanchang University (People’s Republic of China) where he was elected as President of the Botswana Student’s Association in China. His MBA has a special focus on Developmental Economics and International Business. He wrote his research paper on Sustainable poverty Alleviation in Botswana through Agripreneurship. 

Currently enrolled for a PHD in International Trade Economics with a focus on Digital trade strategy from SMME level up to a continental level.

He divides his time between Gaborone Botswana, Johannesburg South Africa, Beijing , Wuhan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Nanchang China.

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