Mr. Dmytro Gutsal

Board member Camion Oil, Founder of
Mr. Dmytro Gutsal
Mr. Dmytro Gutsal
Board member Camion Oil, Founder of

Dmytro Gutsal is the 2nd generation NextGen form Ukraine.

For two years Dmytro is a member of the board of directors of a group of family-owned companies headquartered in Berlin, which distributes German motor oils Liqui Moly in Ukraine and Poland and produces in Germany its own motor oils under the brand Bizol, distributing it to more than 40 countries around the world.

Dmytro, on behalf of the board of directors, oversees the divisions of these family businesses in Ukraine.

5 years ago, Dmytro joined as a CEO a family-owned technology startup –a marketplace of car related services.

After it was tested in Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, Dmytro convinced his family that it is a great opportunity to provide its IT platform to entrepreneurs from other industries willing to start a service marketplace.

As a result, Dmytro founded –IT company that provides solution to start and develop a service marketplace business that is suitable for more that 30 industries.

Prior to that, for 9 years he headed jewelry salons "Abricos" in Ukraine, founded by his mother, participated in the opening of salons in different cities of Ukraine and the creation of his own jewelry production under the brand "Olga Veisberg".

From the age of 12, attended exhibitions and business negotiations, helping his mother as a translator from English and German.

Dmytro is fond of water sports, 4 years ago he swam across the Bosporus.

He is raising two daughters with his wife, 4 and 7 years old.

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