World Leaders Investment Summit

How can investment foster sustainable development?
Session Type
Room number
Main Plenary Hall
7 September 2010
10:30 - 12:45 Asia/Shanghai

Government and corporate leaders from across the world will assess the challenges and the opportunities that they must deal with, faced with the aftermath of the global economic and financial crisis and the ever-growing imperatives of climate change. From their different perspectives, the leaders will discuss what governments can do to foster sustainable growth and employment through international investment, and what companies can do to ensure their contributions to a long-term and far-reaching development process in the countries in which they invest. Panellists will also consider how international investment can help both countries and corporations to win the new green race. The summit will provide participants with a rich, solutions-oriented discussion, drawing on the insights of the leading decision-makers present.

Questions to be addressed include

  • How can global FDI, economic growth and development be brought back on track?
  • How does the new geography of foreign investment impact on development?
  • How are companies revising their strategies to adapt to the changing competitive landscape in globalized industries?
  • How do governments adjust their investment policies to strengthen regulatory oversight while promoting and facilitating FDI?
  • How can countries and corporations work together to win the green race?

Participation is open to all participants attending the WIF 2010.


Secretary-General of UNCTAD
Vice-President, Bulgaria
Vice-President, Ghana
Vice-President of Greece
Speaker, House of Representatives, Jamaica
Deputy Prime Minister, Mongolia
Vice-President, Peru
Deputy Prime Minister, Zimbabwe
CEO, Aviva Investors, United Kingdom
Global Vice President, Walmart, USA
Chairman, Tata International, India
CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, USA
Chairman, Syngenta, Switzerland
Founder and Chairman of the William J. Clinton Foundation