26 Oct 2018
10:00 - 13:00
Room XI


This interactive session, organized in collaboration with UN Women, shares views on policies and good practices to develop an effective ecosystem to support women entrepreneurship, which is an essential part of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Experts will review the initiatives taken by the G7 and the G20 aimed to support women and girls to harness digitalization and reinforcing efforts to reduce the gender gap in participation by 25% by 2025. The discussion will aide policy formulation and implementation to embed women entrepreneurship as one of the key ways to promote sustainable and inclusive growth.

Issues for the debate:

  • The “eSkills4Girls” initiative
  • The “Women’ Entrepreneurship Facility”
  • Good practices in “bridging the digital gender divide”
  • The activities of the G20 “Women’s Business Council”

In partnership with:

Event Manager: Ms. Natalia Guerra
Contact email: natalia.guerra@unctad.org

ms. alesimo mwanga

Co- Founder of Pan-African Women Accelerator and Global Entrepreneurship Network Africa, Research Director

Ms. Diana Quintero

CEO and Co-founder of BIVE, Colombia (on Accelerator 2030)

Ms. Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke

Founder & Managing Director, Women Worldwide Web (W4)

Mr. Alok Kumar

Investor and Mentor, Srkay

Mr. Fabio Sofia

President, Sustainable Finance Group

Mr. Nigel Culkin

Professor, Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Development, Fellow and Past-President of the Institute of Small Business & Entrepreneurship (ISBE), University of Hertfordshire

Mrs. Barbara Ofwono Buyondo

Founder, CEO/Director/ Principal, Victorious Education Services (VES), Uganda

Ms. Bisila Bokoko

Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (NGO)

Mr. Colin Jones

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, University of Tasmania, Australia

Ms. Vanina Farber

Chair, Social Innovation, IMD Lausanne

Mr. Arif Zaman

Executive Director, Commonwealth Businesswomen Network

Ms. Anna Falth

Manager, Empower Women, UN Women

Mr. Jorge Lawson

Director Banco de la Nación, Argentina

Ms. Rosana Marques

Founder and CEO Ouseuse, Brazil

Ms. Lama Sha’sha’a Abu Dahab

Co-founder and Chairperson IRA International Robotics Academy, Jordan

Ms. Uneiza Ali Issufo

Founding Member/Administrator ConsMoz Limited, Nampula

H.E. Mrs. Maesaiah Thabane

First lady of the Kingdom of Lesotho