WIF Stakeholders' Event: Session I

Prospects for global FDI and new business opportunities
jointly organized by UNCTAD and WAIPA
Session Type
19 April 2008
10:00 - 13:00 Africa/Accra

In 2007, global flows of FDI reached a new all-time peak of almost $1,500 billion. High levels of FDI flows are likely to continue owing to many factors, including the rise of global firms from emerging markets and the potential for greater investment in the services sector. Improving investment climates globally are creating opportunities for companies. For many countries and regions, this offers the chance to accelerate economic growth. But the process will not be without serious challenges, and the significant downside risks underline the need for caution in assessing future FDI prospects.


President, Ghana
Secretary-General of UNCTAD
President of WAIPA
Chief Strategy Officer, Siemens AG
Former President of Tanzania and Co-Chair of the Investment Climate Facility for Africa
Chief Market Strategist, Bank of America
Executive Director, International Trade Centre
Chairman and Managing Director, Export-Import Bank India
Chief Economist, Moody's Investors Service Ltd
Director, General Business, IBM South & Central Africa


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