Visits to Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

Visit to Masdar City
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Side Events
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Special Economic Zones
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Siemens Energy Building in Masdar City
19 October 2023
15:30 - 17:30 Abu Dhabi


  • Walking tour of Masdar City includes an introduction to:
    • Masdar City’s sustainable development journey and road to net-zero
    • Masdar City’s transportation
    • Masdar City’s lifestyle, community, recreation and livability
    • Masdar City’s community
    • The Catalyst, a venture capitalist (a Masdar City and BP initiative) that invests in innovative seed-stage technologies focused on climate tech and sustainability
    • Masdar and its commitments to clean energy development
  • Mohamed bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligences (MBZUAI)
    • Introduction to MBZUAI
    • Highlight of some key research initiatives