Youth Entrepreneurship: a force towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
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Room XXI
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22 - 26 October 2018
09:00 - 18:00 Europe/Zurich

The UNCTAD Youth Forum 2018 aims to encourage a dialogue between youth and global leaders from governments and the private sector involved in the achievement of the sustainable development goals. Under the theme of youth entrepreneurship as a force towards inclusive and sustainable growth, over 200 young men and women from around the world will gather to talk about the future employment landscape and the role of the entrepreneurs of 2030. Convened in parallel with the World Investment Forum 2018, the Youth Forum also provides an opportunity for the participants to interact with the high-level investment-development stakeholders from around the world.

Issues for deliberation

  • How can policy reforms and new technologies transform challenges into opportunities for youth and unlock their potential?
  • How can skill building prepare youth for the labour challenges ahead?
  • What are existing initiatives for the empowerment of youth that should be scaled up?

Please visit the UNCTAD Youth Network for the latest information regarding the program.