Legislating for Sustainable Development

Legislating for Sustainable Development

Tripartite between Parliamentarians, Government and Business Leaders

As national legislators, parliaments have a vital role to promote investment in sustainable development and set appropriate regulatory frameworks. This role extends to a broad range of policy areas, including investment, trade, competition and tax rules, environmental and social protection, as well as labour and safety regulations. Important considerations in this context are; first, to ensure that sustainable development objectives meet the needs of the people, are adequately discussed and taken into account in legislative action; second, the need for strong  parliamentary oversight of governance issues, notably concerning issues related to investment regulation, and third, the relationship between legislators and different stakeholders – in this respect policy makers need to ensure that the needs of their constituents are equally balanced with the need to attract investment.

In this session parliamentarians from around the world will join in a multi-stakeholder dialogue with business executives, ministers and heads of international organizations to discuss and debate the means in which legislators can work with the private sector to help channel investment into sustainable sectors.

Issues to be addressed:

  • How can the interaction between parliaments, policy makers and the private sector be improved to better deliver on sustainable development?
  • What are the main challenges for the implementation of SDGs at national level and how can this partnership contribute to overcome them?
  • What are the global policy imperatives in this context, and how can international organizations contribute?

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IPU brings Parliaments to World Investment Forum

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