Talking Business (session I)

Agriculture and food security
in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Session Type
Room number
Hall 6 Room 14
18 October 2023
08:45 - 10:00 Abu Dhabi

Private sector and government representatives will share their experiences in investing in agriculture and food security. They will emphasize the urgent need for increased investment to modernize farming practices, develop climate-resilient crops, and enhance post-harvest infrastructure. Given the central role of agriculture to support economic growth and bolster food security, the session will delve into the challenges of maintaining food security, such as disruptions in distribution and the vulnerability of poorer populations. Because investment in agriculture and food security is pivotal to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the speakers will also present how their activities can contribute to these goals. An interactive Q&A session will follow to explore innovative ways to collaborate and accelerate progress towards a more secure and sustainable global food system.

Session themes:

  • What are the main opportunities and obstacles to investing in and conducting business in the agriculture sector? How do these challenges and opportunities intersect with issues like climate change?
  • How have the ongoing health and environmental challenges influenced your strategic priorities in agriculture and food security investment and operations? Can you share specific examples of adaptations or innovations in response to these challenges?
  • What policy reforms do you believe are imperative to consider, particularly in the context of agriculture and food security investment, to foster growth and sustainability?
  • Could you provide insights into recent initiatives that have influenced business prospects in agriculture and food security investment? How have these initiatives facilitated operations?
  • How can engaging in public-private dialogues and private-private collaborations benefit your efforts in agriculture and food security investment and development?
  • Could you elaborate on how your investments and operations align with the SDGs, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, and how these alignments contribute to sustainable development and profitability?
  • Considering the countries/regions where you are operating, what concrete contributions or impact are you making toward advancing the SDGs, particularly in terms of food security, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability?


Chief Executive Officer, SOMAMATER
Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Agriculture, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, United Arab Emirates University
Chief Executive Officer, Lulu Group International
Board Member, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Senior Behavioural Economist and Data Scientist, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry