Strategic Minerals for Decarbonisation

Investing in a just transition for artisanal miners
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Climate Finance and Investment
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Hall 3 Room 10-B
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18 October 2023
15:15 - 17:15 Abu Dhabi

This session addresses strategies for ensuring a just transition for the world's most vulnerable artisanal miners who are involved in strategic mineral extraction to empower decarbonisation. There are 45 million artisanal miners globally supporting 220 million plus dependents.

The dialogue will be structured around artisanal mining value chain analysis in the context of the energy transition examining the following questions:

  • What the realities of artisanal mining? Experts will provide an analysis of what this industry looks like on the ground and what the value chains that are downstream from artisanal mining look like.
  • How does artisanal mining enable mineral supply in support of the energy transition? The notion of supply enablement is both direct, minerals dug up by artisanal miners, and indirect, the impact of artisanal mining on large scale mining operations.
  • How can artisanal mining be a catalyst of sustainable development? Experts will examine approaches to develop investment capabilities that support formalization.

Session themes:

  • What data is available that frames the sector / what data is lacking?
  • How does artisanal mining enable mineral supply in support of the energy transition?
  • What does formalization mean in this sector? What investment strategies support formalization?


Former UNDP Associate Adminitrator and Former Chairman Africa and Middle East, AREVA
Senior Advisor, UN supported 2030 Mining Commission
Senior Advisor, The Blended Capital Group
Founder, Alliance for Responsible Mining
Founder, Turnkey
Head, Multinational Enterprises Unit, International Labour Organizaion (ILO)
Consultant, Sidos Intelligence
Country Director, Malawi


Director, Mishcon de Reya LLP, Mishcon Purpose