Smart Beta: Passive Investment Strategies for Sustainable Development

Smart Beta: Passive Investment Strategies for Sustainable Development

Portfolio investment that track one or more market indices is expected to cover 22 per cent of global assets by 2020. Within this “passive investment” space there is increasing talk of so-called “smart beta” strategies, which seek to deliver a better risk-return trade-off than conventional indices, while opening innovative options for integrating environmental and social risk. This multi-stakeholder session, organized in collaboration with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), will bring together key market actors involved in the development of equity indices and asset management including stock exchanges, institutional investors, big financial data and index companies. In an interactive dialogue, experts will explore how technological improvements, big data, and improved corporate reporting can allow passive investors to better support the SDGs.

Issues for the debate:

  • What are the trends in passive investment and how can these be applied to investing in sustainable development?
  • What role does corporate ESG data play in the further development of investment in the SDGs?
  • What opportunities exist for sustainability indices? What lessons have been learned from the development of gender indices, fossil-free indices and other pioneering products?

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