Science Parks and Areas of Innovation Models

Investing in innovation-based development
in partnership with International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation
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Special Economic Zones
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WIF Virtual Platform, room 2
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20 October 2021
14:00 - 15:30 Europe/Zurich

Science and technology special economic zones (SEZs) are an emerging type of SEZs – moving beyond the trade- and labor-intensive manufacturing activities of traditional SEZs. Some economies use science and technology zones to build innovation clusters and advance relevant industries. Others adopt science and technology zones with the aim of promoting economic diversification and technology development. Should all countries pursue the establishment of such zones?  How to incorporate such zones into countries’ development strategy and make them work for sustainable development?  Those are relevant questions for policymakers, zone developers and enterprises alike.

This session will bring together zone associations, zones developers, policymakers and tenant enterprises to a discussion centered on how science and technology zones can contribute to the local economy and sustainable development.

The event will be summarized in the form of a small practical booklet for policymakers to assist them in planning science and technology SEZs.

Issues to be addressed

  • The role of governments, public administrations and the private sector in investing in science and technology parks (STPs) and areas of innovation (AOIs).
  • Existing investment/ownership/governance models.
  • Differences and similarities between the prevailing models in the developed and developing worlds.
  • The emergence of mixed models (public + private) and their applicability in developing regions.
  • Are STPs suitable instruments to attract FDI in developing countries?
  • How STPs and AOIs help social and economic development in their regions.


Director, Division on Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD and Lead, UNCTAD World Investment Forum
CEO, International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation
Managing Director, Bigen Group
CEO, Here East
CEO, Konza Technopolis
Vice Director, TusPark
Development Director, Kilometro Rosso
CEO, IKP Knowledge Park
Manager, Tecnopuc


CEO, Linköping Science Park
Editor, FDI Intelligence, Financial Times