Scaling Innovation in the New Health Economy (in partnership with FutureProofing Healthcare)

Scaling Innovation in the New Health Economy (in partnership with FutureProofing Healthcare)

This registration is for the all sessions of the 7th WIF 2021. All events occur in Geneva Time (CET, GMT+2).


Date: Tuesday, 19 October 2021
Time: 09:30-11:00
Virtual WIF Platform: Access link (Room 4)

Lessons from the Asia-Pacific region

Asia-Pacific is enjoying strong growth in telehealth, digital therapeutics, diagnostics, remote patient monitoring and analytics and personalized healthcare. The Personalised Health Index, by FutureProofing Healthcare, a platform founded by the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and Roche, shows that personalized healthcare is gaining significant momentum in Asia.

The objective of this sessions is to discuss the role of various ecosystem partners in shaping the New Health Economy of the Asia-Pacific region. Experts will share practical experiences and insights on challenges and opportunities facing the health sector, including in responding to the current pandemic crisis. They will also debate on policy reforms needed to scale innovation and bring significant system efficiencies, better patient outcomes and population health through personalised healthcare.

Issues to be addressed:

  • What healthcare challenges does APAC face that require innovative, scalable and sustainable approaches to health system reforms?
  • What are your observations on the state of readiness of health systems in APAC for advanced innovations in health?
  • What is the role of health innovators and start-ups in current evolving healthcare ecosystem in the region?
  • How can governmental institutions and policy support the enablement of these innovations? And even rewards or recognizes value of innovation? What structural frameworks need to be in place to keep pace with innovation?
  • Given the scale and multitude of the challenges post COVID-19, how can APAC ensure a coherent life science strategy and policy approach to promote investment as an engine of growth, and ensure that the recovery is inclusive, and its benefits extend to all countries?
  • How can pharma support healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators succeed in accelerating personalised healthcare


  • Mr. Farid Bidgoli, General Manager, Roche Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos
  • Mr. Tony Estrella, Global Digital Health Expert, Author and Podcaster
  • Mr. Amit Varma, Managing Partner, Quadria Capital
  • Mr. Cole Sirucek, CEO, DocDoc
  • Mr. Ethan Koh, Asia Research Director, Global Private Capital Association
  • Ms. Jelena Milenkovic, Director, Geneva Health Forum.

Event Manager: Mr. Philippe Rudaz

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