20 Oct 2021


Improving data on investment in the SDGs

This virtual event occurs in Geneva Time (CET, GMT+2). Abu Dhabi, UAE time is 2:00 hours ahead of Geneva, Switzerland.

As we enter the last ten years of the 2030 sustainable development agenda, effective monitoring of investment flows in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has assumed increased importance. In line with the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, which calls for high-quality disaggregated data, monitoring and follow up as an essential input for decision making to support the SDGs, UNCTAD in 2019 launched the SDG Investment Trends Monitor which compiles data on current levels of spending in the main SDG sectors.

The assessment of the SDG Investment Monitor of current data and monitoring capacity shows that timely and harmonized data for investment levels in relevant SDG sectors should be considered a matter of urgency for better planning and cooperation among all stakeholders. The monitor also demonstrated that that there is currently a massive data gap on investment in the SDGs, which weakens our ability to monitor investment progress and needs.

In collaboration with other international partners (IOs, governments and NGOs), the session will discuss ways and means to fill the gaps in measuring investment needs to monitor SDG progress. The session will discuss some best practices in data monitoring in selected SDG sectors and countries.

Issues to be addressed:

  • What are challenges and obstacles in SDG investment data collection and monitoring? Does the focus on capital investment match financing requirements on the ground to achieve SDGs?
  • Can we make the existing datasets more relevant to the SDGs to improve monitoring of investment and financial flows into developing economies?
  • What actions can be taken to increase the coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders to improve the SDG investment data monitoring?
  • How can the reporting for private and public investment in the SDGs be harmonized in a better manner?

Event Manager: Mr. Astrit Sulstarova

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