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The future of air travel
organized by the World Association of PPP Units and Professionals (WAPPP)
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18 October 2023
15:00 - 16:00 Abu Dhabi

Decarbonizing the world of transport has become a priority, with a target of carbon- neutral transport by 2050. Urban mobility has already largely begun its evolution not only on the road but also in the air with the advent of eVTOLs flying machines powered by electric motors, making them much quieter and less polluting than traditional combustion aircraft. This electrification of propulsion also enables greater energý efficiency, reducing operational costs and carbon footprint. 

Infrastructure projects linked to this innovative concept of urban air mobility (Vertiports) are beginning to be set up in urban, airport or other settings, for few of them in the context of network multi-vertiports. 

This session will aim at discussing the future of urban air mobility and the potential scheme for financing the urban air mobility networks including potential Public Private Partnership schemes. 

Session themes: 

  • What are the advantages of Urban Air Mobility?
  • What is the size and situation of the Urban Air Mobility market? 
  • What are the constraints on the development of vertiports and eVTOLS? 
  • How can urban air mobility networks be developed? 
  • What schemes and conditions are required.


Chief Executive Officer, Modalis Infrastructure Partners Inc
Principal, Transportation and Infrastructure, AT Kearney Middle East
Head of Aviation Digital, Jacobs


Member, World Association of PPP Units & PPP Professionals (WAPPP) Executive Committee