Public-Private Partnership Forum

PPP plans & projects in the MENA region
organized by the World Association of PPP Units and Professionals (WAPPP)
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PPP Forum
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Hall 7 Room 17
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19 October 2023
11:45 - 13:15 Abu Dhabi

Recently, the Middle East and North Africa region has been the focus of growing potential for business and investment. Major project announcements in the region have drawn global attention and appetite of top PPP players in finance, investment and development. 

This session of the Forum hosts representatives of MENA PPP units and experts to hear from them regarding upcoming projects, their needs as well as matters to be addressed by the private sector. 

Session themes:

  • Demonstration of upcoming and future PPP opportunities in the MENA region. 
  • Priorities and objectives of the public sector in PPPs. 
  • Are traditional procurement or hybrid models still an option? 
  • Expectations of the private sector and lessons learnt from recent PPP projects.


Director, PPP Central Unit, Ministry of Finance, Arab Republic of Egypt
Istanbul Center of PPP Excellence (PPPCoE), Turkey
Acting Director of PPP Unit, Ministry of Investment, Jordan
Manager, Research, Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Compliance, Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects
Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Knowledge Management, National Center for Privatization & PPP, Kingdom of Saudi Arabi
Program Director, The National Program for Fiscal Sustainability & Financial Sector Development, Estidamah
Director of Financial Sustainability & Investment Department, Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure (United Arab Emirates)


Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting