Public-Private Partnership Forum

How PPPs are ensuring access to water & sanitation
organized by the World Association of PPP Units and Professionals (WAPPP)
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Hall 7 Room 17
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19 October 2023
10:15 - 11:30 Abu Dhabi

Clean water is essential for life, for industry, for agriculture and for energy. Our economies and societies simply cannot function without it. However, despite access to water and sanitation being human rights, 2.2 billion people still lack access to safe water and 1.5 billion still lack basic sanitation services. 

Various forms of Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) have been used for decades to improve access to water and wastewater services in all global regions. Today, both developing and developed countries opt for PPPs to improve utility performance and build ground-breaking new assets. 

Modern water/wastewater PPPs are delivering cross-sector solutions that are supporting both climate change mitigation and adaptation, including water reuse for agriculture and creating energy from wastewater treatment. 

PPPs have proved to be game changers for governments and authorities on water and sanitation, but with the world so ‘off track’ in terms of the UN SDG6 goals, more finance for PPPs is urgently needed. 

This session at the World Association of PPP Units & Professionals’ Annual Forum showcases some of the latest projects and demonstrates to investors the opportunities and challenges of PPP finance.

Session themes:

  • Financing opportunities for PPPs across water/energy/food sectors. 
  • How can water sector PPPs work and what can investors put their money into? 
  • What are common returns and expectations? 


Executive Director of the Global Water Partnership, Africa
Chief Financial Officer, Umm Al Hayman for Wastewater Treatment Company K.S.P.C.
Partner, IConsult
Chief Executive Officer, Warsan Waste Management Company


Chief Executive Officer, Human Right 2 Water