Public-Private Partnership Forum

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organized by the World Association of PPP Units and Professionals (WAPPP)
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17 October 2023
11:00 - 12:00 Abu Dhabi

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have been used globally to enable governmental bodies in achieving their objectives, deliver their services, relieve the burden on their budgets, and shift their focus on oversight and regulation. 

The practice of PPPs has been subject to different laws, business practices and policies, yet the principles of Project Finance remain the core of its objective. COVID-19, as a global risk event, played a major part in transforming PPP practice to address better management of risk, as it also pushed countries towards investment in the health and medical sectors. Currently, PPPs are in their best time ever due to the common international focus on involve the private sector to support states economic growth and human capacity development. 

This session at the World Association of PPP Units & Professionals’ Annual Forum discusses the experiences of investors and public funds regarding PPP practice.

Session themes:

  • What are the essential requirements that the private sector needs from the public sector in order to participate?
  • What are the challenges in working together with the public sector in determining risk allocation and local policies.
  • What are the red lines for the private sector when assessing its participation in a PPP project?
  • G2G projects vs. PPPs: what is the view of the private sector on this, and its effects?


President, Confederation of International Contractors Associations (CICA) and General Manager, BESIX Group
Chief Executive Officer, Ithmar Capital, Morocco and Chair, Africa Sovereign Investors Forum
Investment Director, Rakiza Fund
Director of Financial Sustainability & Investment Department, Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure (United Arab Emirates)


Manager of Research and Strategic Planning, Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP)