Private Sector Solutions for Sustainable Development

Investing in sustainable communities - LIV – A multi-stakeholder partnership to deliver on the Goals
LIV, South Africa
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Investment Village
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3rd Floor, Bulding E, Exibition Area
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24 October 2018
13:00 - 15:00 Europe/Zurich

To address sustainable development needs requires the engagement of the private sector in innovative, mutually-beneficial partnerships, involving the community, corporate business, local government, civil society, social entrepreneurs and a philanthropic visionary. The session showcases LIV Village in South Africa, a successful, community-based partnership model that addresses several SDG challenges through a win-win engagement of all stakeholders. Speakers, including investors, the investment promotion agency and the philanthropist founder convey how to engage investors in bringing sustainable solutions to pressing development needs of the most vulnerable and deliver a positive impact for the communities, businesses and cities.

The LIV model is a showcase, that is now being considered to be replicated throughout South African and also the United States.

LIV aims to RESCUE thousands of vulnerable and orphaned children, and women, RESTORE their lives by recreating family life together within a safe community environment, and RAISE up future leaders and valuable members of society, who in turn will impact the world around them.

Within these communities LIV provides them with clean water and affordable clean energy in their homes, holistic health care including a healthy balanced diet, and quality holistic education which includes climate change and to be responsible for the environment from a young age.  The surrounding poverty- stricken communities in turn receive job opportunities in decent working conditions where men and women are treated equally and with dignity, and which includes skills development and life skills training.

Investing in the future: Lessons from the LIV Village in South Africa

Open Questions

  • Global business and local community development – more than philanthropy?
  • What are the winning arguments for investment promotion agencies?
  • How can a regulatory framework encourage more sustainable partnerships?
  • What are the lessons learned from the LIV Village experience? Can it be sustained and scaled?


founder, LIV Villag
CEO, Durbin Investment Promotion Agency
General Manager, LIV