Opening of the Investment Village

Session Type
Room number
Investment Village
16 October 2023
09:40 - 10:00 Abu Dhabi

The World Investment Forum offers member States the possibility to showcase their countries’ investment opportunities in the Investment Village. The Village, located in the central space between the main meeting rooms of the Forum, will feature public investment exhibitions, ensuring visibility and interaction. The Village will also provide space to businesses and investors pursuing sustainable development impact and dedicate thematic corners to key constituencies of the Forum, such as academia, sustainable stock exchanges, the accounting and reporting community, youth, family businesses, special economic zones, public-private partnership developers, and many others.

Session themes:

  • Showcasing investment for sustainable development opportunities.
  • Opportunities for investment professionals from different backgrounds to discuss potential collaboration and best practices and to exchange experiences.
  • Investment for development research square: a meeting place for policy-oriented academic research. 


Deputy Secretary-General, UNCTAD