The Investment-Trade-Development Nexus

High-level roundtable
in partnership with the World Trade Organisation
Session Type
Room number
Room VII
15 October 2014
15:00 - 16:30 Europe/Zurich

Investment ministers, trade ambassadors, business representatives and heads of international organizations discussed the investment-trade-development nexus at both the national and international level from a practical perspective, touching upon issues related to trade, investment and value chains. The discussion formulated strategies on how to better use trade and investment synergies for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Elements for the debate

  • What is the impact of trade flows and rules on investment flows and rules and vice versa, and how can we take better advantage of coherent regulatory approaches in this regard?
  • What can we learn from successful development strategies that harness the benefits of increased interconnectedness between trade and investment?
  • What regulatory factors shape companies’ trade and investment decisions, and how should they be aligned to better serve development purposes?

The event took the form of a moderated podium discussion Davos-style with eight panelists, engaging with the floor after the first rounds of interventions. The audience consisted of practitioners from the international investment community, including senior executives from big and small companies, investment promotion officials and investment location experts, sovereign wealth funds and private equity funds managers, security regulators and stock exchange managers, investment agreement negotiators and corporate counsels, as well as academia, media and NGOs.


Secretary-General of UNCTAD