Investment and the Digital Economy

23 Oct 2018

Investment and the Digital Economy

The rapid rise of the digital economy is reshaping global investment, and ensuring that that every country can participate and benefit from the digital economy will require proactive policies engaging the public and private sector. This conference, organized in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), will gather policymakers and investors of the digital economy – from infrastructure providers, financial backers, to ecommerce and developers – to discuss their interconnectedness and exchange best practices in supporting digital economy development.

Issues for the debate:

  • What kind of investment is needed for digital development?
  • What are the challenges to mobilizing investments towards digital development?
  • Which kind of policies can help facilitate  investment in the digital economy?

In partnership with:

Event Manager: Ms. Isya Kresnadi
Contact email:

Mr. Brian Wong

Vice President, Global Initiatives, Alibaba

Ms. Lexi Novistske

Principal Investment Officer, Singularity Investments

Mr. Magdi Amin

Partner, Omidyar Network

Mr. Kee Lock Chua

CEO, Vertex Holdings

Mr. Javier Albares

Head Corporate Strategy, Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA)

Mr. Fernando Loureiro

Senior Director, Public Policy and Government Affairs, Intel, Latin America

Mr. Dylan Piatti

Chairman of the Board, E-commerce Forum Africa

Mr. Houlin Zhao

Secretary-General, International Telecommunication Union