Investment Advisory Council, 8th Meeting (closed meeting, by invitation only)

Investing in the Millennium Development Goals
Session Type
By invitation only
7 September 2010
13:00 - 15:00 Asia/Shanghai

The 8th Meeting of the UNCTAD-International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Investment Advisory Council will brainstorm on practical means to address the foreseeable shortfall in achieving the MDGs through investment. In an informal setting, participants will shed light on this issue as well as other related investment-development issues, including food security, from various angles, including from the perspective of governments, leading TNCs and international organizations, with a view towards coming up with concrete proposals that can be put in place within the foreseeable future. The outcomes of the event are meant to be fed into the process of the United Nations MDG Summit in late September, and the 4th United Nations Conference on LDCs in 2011.Attended by Heads of State and Ministers, executives of global companies, and heads of international institutions.


Secretary-General of UNCTAD