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Integrating Nature-related Risk into Capital Markets

with support from Nature Finance
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Sustainable Finance
Sustainable Stock Exchanges
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Mr. Anthony Miller
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19 October 2023
10:00 - 13:00 Abu Dhabi

There is a growing awareness amongst policymakers, regulators, central banks and financial institutions of the need to take rapid action on nature. To advance any catalytic initiative to deliver nature and climate goals requires effective measurement, management and reporting on nature related risks. 2023 has seen increasing interest from banks, insurers and investors in understanding how they currently align; and can align better, with the targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework.

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures is also moving at speed, with the final version being released in September 2023. New tools are also emerging that are designed to help public and private financial actors track how financial flows are supporting the protection and restoration of nature.

This event will look at how central banks, regulators and financial institutions are beginning to rise to the challenge of integrating the materiality of nature, recognising the need to consider the implications of biodiversity loss to the economy in order to maintain monetary and financial stability. Examples of how the TNFD framework is being implemented will be explored, as well as results from the first private sector pilot of the Nature-Finance Alignment tool undertaken with Brazil’s largest asset management firm JGP Credito.

Session themes:

  • Materiality of nature-related risk to central banks and new nature-climate scenarios work
  • Changing fiduciary responsibility for financial institutions and emerging disclosure frameworks (TNFD)
  • Regulatory trends and challenges