Industry 4.0 and the transformation of entrepreneurship

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Technology and Innovation
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20 October 2023
09:30 - 10:30 Abu Dhabi

The fourth industrial revolution can be disruptive to established industries. While digitalization of businesses is well under way, a trend that has been accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of technologies have not been widely adopted, from the Internet of Things, big data, and blockchain, to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robotics. 

Entrepreneurs that increasingly adopt new technologies and digital tools are able to automate tasks, analyze data more effectively and connect with new customers and markets. In shor, making them more agile and competitive. In addition, many entrepreneurs use new technologies as a force for good by, for example, addressing social and economic challenges and a decarbonization of the economy. 

Nonetheless, a large number of entrepreneurs struggle to keep up to speed and take active part in the fourth industrial revolution. In order for them not to be left behind, they must be equipped with the right digital skills and knowledge to properly leverage the power of technology to upgrade their businesses. 

The session will bring together policymakers, corporate thought leaders, tech entrepreneurs and investors to discuss ways in which new technologies are transforming the business world, as well as how best to ensure all businesses benefit from new technologies, and where to go from here.

Session themes:

  • What does the fourth industrial revolution mean for entrepreneurship in developing countries? 
  • How can businesses become more agile and adopt new technologies??
  • How can policymakers, investors and other stakeholders support the creation of booming tech business ecosystems?


Executive Director, Interbrain Innovation
Co-founder, Gobi Partners
Managing Director, Seacliff Partners Limited
Founder, Fetchr
Co-Founder and Creative Director, Polygon8
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bitkub Thailand's Digital Asset Exchange
Managing Partner, Global Ventures