IMPACT INVESTING IN EMERGING MARKETS (in partnership with The Blended Capital Group)

IMPACT INVESTING IN EMERGING MARKETS (in partnership with The Blended Capital Group)

Date: Tuesday, 19 October 2021
Time: 16:30-18:30

Scaling up impact investing in emerging markets

This event will be a dynamic, moderated round table of policymakers, investors and thought leaders seeking to scale up impact and sustainability-aligned investment into emerging and frontier markets. It will feature examples of break-through impact investing projects, including innovative business models where private and public capital is fusing to drive social purpose drawn from, inter alia, Brazil, India, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa.

Issues to be addressed:

  • Getting the blend right: Mobilizing blended finance towards businesses and projects that are replicable, scalable and can achieve the SDG objectives of localization based on high-quality governance and collaboration along the whole investment chain. Successful examples of SDG 17 “Partnership” will be presented.
  • Systemizing impact: Escaping the “project by project” mentality to forge new pathways that systemize and accelerate the scaling up of impactful business models. Align investable impact models and businesses with the SDGs and make them fit for purpose for larger investment investors including pension funds, family offices and sovereign wealth funds.
  • Reinventing public–private collaboration: How can we bring multilateral, developmental and broader public finance together with private families, institutional asset owners and sovereign entities to deliver in the final decade on the promise of the SDGs?


  • Mr. Anthony Miller, Coordinator, UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges, UNCTAD


    Panel I

  • Ms. Archana Hingorani, Managing Partner, Siana Capital
  • Ms. Jennifer Mbaluto, Partner, Clifford Chance
  • Ms. Teresa Vernaglia, CEO, BRK Ambiental
  • Ms. Dinao Lerutla, Managing Partner, Maia Capital

    Panel II

  • Judge Prof. Mervyn King, Chair Emeritus, Global Reporting Initiative
  • Prof. Paul Q. Watchman, Special Advisor, UNEP FI Insurers Net Zero Alliance
  • Ms. Karin Ireton, Independent Sustainability Consultant
  • Mr. Ben McQuhae, Founder, Ben McQuhae & Co
  • Mr. Luiz Maia, Senior Advisor, GBS Finance


  • Mr. Paul Clements-Hunt, CEO, Blended Capital

Event manager: Mr. Anthony Miller
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