ICGN Governance of Sustainability Dialogue - Part C

From climate change to social change
in partnership with the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative and the ICGN Governance of Sustainability Dialogue
Session Type
24 June 2021
09:00 - 11:00 Europe/Zurich

UNCTAD World Investment Forum is proud to host the ICGN Governance of Sustainability Dialogue, in partnership with the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative. We are delighted to assemble these influential networks for two days of discussion and debate focused on global sustainability issues and risk management to develop long-term strategies, reporting and cooperation.

Plenary 4: Aligning accountability across the investment chain
This year, ICGN, in partnership with the UN Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance, will review the ICGN Model Mandate. The Mandate, published in 2012, provides example terms for asset owners to consider when drafting stewardship obligations in their contracts with investment managers. It will be updated to help shift the behaviours of key actors along the investment chain towards a longer term, sustainable perspective, particularly those related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. How will this impact the asset owner and asset manager relationship? To what extent will it influence performance measures and oversight? How have mandates evolved to incorporate sustainability and what are the priorities for the future?

Plenary 5: Investor duties and sustainability related disclosure
Many investors are committing to net-zero portfolios by 2050, encouraged by a raft of sustainability related requirements on asset owners. TCFD focuses minds on how investment portfolios are positioned for the transition to net zero carbon emissions, Article 173-VI in France focuses on disclosure around carbon risks and climate policies while, in the UK, pension funds must explain how the trustee takes account financially material factors including those relating to ESG in company engagement and voting. How robust is this disclosure? What are the obstacles? To what extent is it driving accountability from asset managers and investee companies?


Managing Director Global Responsible Investment & Governance, APG Asset Management (Netherlands)
Chief Operations Officer, Japan Catalyst, Inc (Japan)
Sustainability Research, Credit Suisse HOLT (UK)
Global Head of Governance & Stewardship, Aviva Investors (UK)
Advisor ICGN & Director, Governance Perspectives (UK)
Chief Legal Officer, Fonds de Reserve Pour Les Retraites (France)
Co-Chair, Impact Measurement, Reporting & Assurance Services, KPMG IMPACT & Partner, KPMG (Netherlands)
Responsible Investment Group, Asset Management One Co., Ltd (Japan)
Chief of Standards, GRI (Netherlands)