ICGN Governance of Sustainability Dialogue - Part B

From climate change to social change
in partnership with the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative and the ICGN Governance of Sustainability Dialogue
Session Type
23 June 2021
17:00 - 19:30 Europe/Zurich

UNCTAD World Investment Forum is proud to host the ICGN Governance of Sustainability Dialogue, in partnership with the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative. We are delighted to assemble these influential networks for two days of discussion and debate focused on global sustainability issues and risk management to develop long-term strategies, reporting and cooperation.

Plenary 2: Climate-related reporting: progress and priorities
Corporate boards should assess the impact of climate change on the company business model and how it will be adapted to meet the needs of a net zero economy as part of a long-term strategy. To what extent do companies adequately disclose how climate change is reflected in governance, strategy and risk? How many companies publicly set targets – and a timeframe – to reduce emissions in-line with 1.5°c global warming? Should investors have a binding vote on ‘say on climate plans’?

Plenary 3: Reviewing CEO incentives with a social and sustainable lens
This year, investors will scrutinise a company’s longer-term response to the COVID crisis and recovery and how that relates to CEO pay and performance. In addition to financial performance metrics, quantifiable indicators that are material to the company’s sustainable value creation and preservation, such as human capital and natural capital will be increasingly analysed. How are these measures implemented in practice? How do company’s align CEO remuneration with that of the workforce to ensure an equitable distribution of awards and benefits? How does progress differ between markets and industries?


Project Director, Financial Reporting Lab, Financial Reporting Council (UK)
Head of Climate Solutions, MSCI (France)
Head of ESG Strategy & Engagement, Uber Technologies (US)
Senior Specialist, Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative (Switzerland)
Vice President & Director, ESG Research & Engagement TD Asset Management (Canada)
Global Head of Research, Institutional Shareholder Services (US)
Vice Chair, ICGN and Head of Responsible Investment, Newton Investment Management (UK)
Board Director, Canadian Tire Financial Services (Canada)
Managing Director, Organizational Capital Partners (Canada)