High Level Tripartite Conference Session 3

Entering into the green race
Session Type
Parallel Events
Room number
Room 1F
8 September 2010
14:00 - 16:00 Asia/Shanghai

In three tripartite sessions, senior government officials, heads of investment promotion agencies and corporate executives will discuss prominent issues related to the trends and prospects of international investment, the emerging international production patterns of transnational corporations, and new investment promotion strategies.

The third session explores opportunities in the promotion of green FDI in light of government commitments to combat climate change, the rise of green industries, and the advantages that environmentally friendly investment can bring in terms of improved knowledge transfer, reduced carbon emissions and upgraded productivity and competitive exports.

Questions to be addressed include

  • How do climate change and the efforts to combat it impact on international investment?
  • What measures could developing countries take in order to best benefit from green investment?
  • What are examples of good practices in the promotion of green FDI?
  • What could foreign investors do to help promote environmentally sustainable business practices in host countries?


Minister of Economic Development, Maldives
Foreign Investment Ombudsman and Chairman of the Regulatory Reform Committee, Republic of Korea
Managing Director, Copenhagen Capacity Denmark
Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre
CEO, Philips Lighting Asia, Singapore
Acting CEO Suzlon China and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group
Executive Director, Responsible Research Pte Ltd., Singapore
Executive Director, Uruguay XXI