Investment in a new era of industrialization
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Assembly Hall
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24 October 2018
10:00 - 12:30 Europe/Zurich

The second Summit will look into the impact of new industrialization. New industrialization (based on digitalization, robotics and big data) is bound to affect all aspects of the way in which goods and services are produced and consumed globally, with profound implications for trade, investment and development. The international community needs to ensure that new industrialization supports, not impedes, the advancement of the SDGs.

Issues for the debate

  • How will new industrialization affect international investment and its relation to development?
  • What are the best possible scenarios for new industrialization to support the SDGs, and what are the main means to realize them?
  • What can the United Nations contribute to maximize the positive and minimize the negative impact of new industrialization on investment for development?


Secretary-General, UNCTAD
President of the Republic of Armenia
President of the Republic of Botswana
President of the Central African Republic
Prime Minister, Kingdom of Lesotho
President, General Assembly, United Nations
President, Inter-Parliamentary Union
President, World Economic Forum
CEO, De Beers Group
Group CEO, Ethiopian Airlines


British Chartered Financial Analyst and Journalist