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Global Investment Promotion Conference

Investing in the energy transition
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Session Themes
Investment Promotion & Facilitation
Event Manager
Mr. Paul Wessendorp
Ms. Stephania Bonilla
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17 October 2023
10:00 - 13:00 Abu Dhabi

Investment in renewables and other infrastructure to support the energy transition must increase by a factor of seven to deliver on the Paris goals. International investment flows will play a key role, especially in developing countries where local financial resources are scarcer. Hence, investment authorities, promotion agencies and other actors in the investment facilitation chain have a key role to play, for example through the marketing of bankable projects and active support to international investors.

The Investment Promotion Conference, one of the recurring flagship events of the World Investment Forum, will bring together executives from investment promotion agencies, special economic zones, private companies as well as high level policymakers that are leading the transformation of the energy sector through innovation, collaboration and action.

Session themes:

  • (Re) sparking an investment revolution in renewables
  • Reducing red tape around investment in the energy transition
  • Facilitating investment partnerships in renewables and energy infrastructure
  • Making public and private sectors work together to prepare shovel-ready investment projects for sustainable energy