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in partnership with World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA)
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Session Themes
Investment Promotion & Facilitation
Room number
WIF Virtual Platform, room 15
Event Manager
Mr. Paul Wessendorp
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19 October 2021
09:00 - 11:00 Europe/Zurich
Session video
Global Investment Promotion Conference: (in partnership with WAIPA): : Session I and Session II

Promoting investment in the health sector (in partnership with WHO)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global health crisis, with over 225 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 4.6 million deaths (WHO, September 2021), health systems collapsing and, in many countries, regular lockdowns, travel bans and curfews. The economic consequences have also been devastating, with a global growth contraction of -3.5% in 2020 (IMF, January 2021), particularly affecting low-income countries that were unable to put in place economic support measures.

The pandemic has revealed large deficiencies in health-care systems in developed and developing countries. As a response, national governments are seeking finance for investment to address the current problems in the health sector, but also potential and projected challenges, such as a prolonged pandemic, virus variants, and aging populations. FDI can play a critical role in bringing funding, but also the needed technology and expertise.

This session will examine the role of investment promotion agencies (IPAs), special economic zones (SEZs) and other successful instruments to promote investment in the health sector. Key points from this session will be summarized in a brief note for dissemination to investment promotion stakeholders, including IPAs, SEZ authorities, and investment policymakers.

Issues to be addressed

  • What role could IPAs play in attracting investment in the health sector? Which sub-sectors are key for countries to be better prepared for future health-care challenges?
  • How effective are SEZs that target health-care services or medical cities in attracting investments that strengthen national health-care systems?

Attracting and retaining investment in tourism (in partnership with UNWTO)

The COVID-19 crisis has impeded economic activity across the world and tourism has been one of the most affected industries. For countries that are heavily dependent on tourism, such as small island developing States in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific, the loss of revenues and jobs has been particularly devastating. Other countries that are developing this sector, such as those in the Middle East, are also affected, and need to develop new business models not only to retain investments in times of lockdowns and travel restrictions, but also to adapt post-pandemic to sub-sectors in tourism that have been transformed, for instance the conventions and events industry.

This session will examine the role of governments and IPAs in helping to retain and attract new investments in tourism, and ways to mitigate risks related to pandemics or similar crises. Key points from this session will be summarized in a brief note for dissemination to investment promotion stakeholders, including IPAs and investment policymakers.

Issues to be addressed:

  • When confronted with a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, what can governments and IPAs do to retain investment in the tourism industry?
  • How can new investment in tourism be attracted and the risks related to pandemics or similar crises be mitigated?


Director, Division on Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD and Lead, UNCTAD World Investment Forum
CEO, Dubai FDI and President, World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA)
Founder and CEO, Babylon
Managing Director, Babyl Health Rwanda
CEO, Rocket Health
Director-General for Investment Inducement, Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority
Chief Corporate Relations, Malta Life Sciences Park
Prime Minister, Aruba
Vice Minister of Tourism, Dominican Republic
CEO, MCI Group
Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications, Radisson Hotel Group
Director of Innovation, Education and Investments, World Tourism Organisation
Northern Europe Representative, Cabo Verde TradeInvest


Financial Journalist, CNBC Africa