Pioneering solutions for a better world
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22 October 2018
16:30 - 18:30 Europe/Zurich

New ideas can transform the world we live in and rewrite the rules and policies that govern it. Mobilizing investment and channelling it towards the SDGs require above all new ideas that can be translated into concrete solutions for a better future for all. The Summit of Global Investment Game Changers will gather pioneers, leaders and visionaries who have successfully remodelled established business and industry practice in their respective fields to create innovative business models that foster economic success and sustainable objectives.

Issues for the debate

  • Innovative business models to address global and local challenges
  • Disruptive or disrupted: challenges and opportunities to embrace change
  • Mainstreaming sustainable development in industry 4.0
  • Frontier technologies and their impact on investment and sustainable development



Secretary-General, UNCTAD
CEO, Jumia Nigeria
Co-founder of Impact Hub Geneva and Impact Hub Lausanne and lead of the Accelerate 2030 program
Tech and Social Impact Journalist and Entrepreneur
Humanoid Robot
CEO, Kawada Technologies
Founder & CEO, Hanson Robotics
Multiple Board Member and Former Member of Managing Board of Siemens


Tech and Social Impact Journalist and Entrepreneur