Game Changing Solutions for Sustainable Development: Food security

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Technology and Innovation
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Hall 7 Room 18
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18 October 2023
09:30 - 10:30 Abu Dhabi

The “Game changing solutions for sustainable development: Food security" shines a spotlight on innovative ideas, technologies, and business models for creating sustainable food systems. It will allow participants to engage with the business leaders who are at the forefront of developing solutions to enhance food production and distribution to tackle the food security crisis.  

During the discussion, we will explore the inspiring stories of companies and individuals who are actively shaping the future of sustainability within the global food systems. In an era where the impacts of climate change are becoming acutely evident, these forward-thinking companies are pioneering innovative solutions that address the complex interplay between energy, food, and water resources. 

This interactive event will bring into focus how both low- and high-tech approaches can significantly enhance water and energy efficiency, foster land regeneration, and increase food production. Furthermore, the panel will examine the initiatives and partnerships between policymakers and investment stakeholders that can promote business models that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Session themes:

  • Food: enhancing food production and distribution through technology
  • Governance: Rethinking regulation for a globalized world and promoting social enterprise
  • Technology: Utilizing AI for development.


Co-founder and Chief Engineer, RedSea
United Nations Secretary General’s Youth Climate Advisor
Co-founder and Chief Program Officer, Kheyti
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Regenerative Resources Co
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Upside Foods


International Journalist and Professional Moderator