Game Changing Solutions for Sustainable Development: Energy

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Technology and Innovation
Energy Transition
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Hall 7 Room 18
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19 October 2023
09:30 - 10:30 Abu Dhabi

The “Game changing solutions for sustainable development: Energy” provides a unique opportunity to engage with the innovators behind some of the most groundbreaking concepts, cutting-edge technologies, and forward-thinking business models in the race to address the critical challenge of accelerating the energy transition.

This interactive discussion will explore concrete solutions ranging from the sustainable extraction of critical minerals, the utilization of renewable energy sources, the development of efficient energy storage solutions, and the advancement of sustainable transportation systems.

By exploring the inspirational journeys of companies operating at the forefront of the energy transition, we will gain valuable insights into the indispensable role of investment policymakers and the investment ecosystem in fostering businesses and solutions that can make a substantial contribution towards achieving climate goals.

Session themes:

  • Energy: accelerating the energy transition and promoting sustainable production and consumption
  • Governance: Rethinking regulation for a globalized world and promoting social enterprise
  • Technology: Utilizing AI for development.


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nexus Power
CIO and co-Founder, Nexus Power
Founder, Volta Trucks
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Summit Nanotech
Global Director (Policy, Chemicals & Carbon Solution), LanzaTech Inc
Chief Executive Officer, Desert Technologies


Financial Journalist, CNBC Africa