FDI, ESG and Inclusivity

Promoting decent work and social development
organized in partnership with CUTS and ILO
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Hall 7 Room 18
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17 October 2023
15:30 - 17:00 Abu Dhabi

Environmental, Governance, and Social (ESG) responsibilities play an important role in investment decisions and business behaviour of multinational enterprises. With the debate about climate change taking centre stage in recent years, it is important not to forget the significance of social responsibilities in international production networks.

This session aims to take stock of recent developments in the promotion of decent work and social development through international investment and inclusive global supply chains. It will discuss human capital and skill development as inalienable components of the ESG framework. The session will also address ways in which ESG conditionalities can lead to concerns about trade and investment barriers, and options to mitigate such concerns.

Session Themes:

  • Has there been a loss of focus on the social dimension of ESG in international investment and global supply chains? And, if so, how can it be brought back?
  • What should be done to strengthen human capital and skill development dimensions in investment decisions?
  • How can concerns about trade and investment barriers linked to the conditionalities of ESG frameworks be mitigated?


Secretary-General, Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS International)
Senior Specialist, Informal Economy, International Labour Organisation (ILO)
Co-Founder and General Partner, Woodstock Fund
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Confluence Consultants
Managing Principal, Kaleidoscope DEI Consulting LLC
Managing Director, Nikai Group of Companies and Founder, Ardent Consulting