Family Business Conference (session II)

Building next generation family businesses in the Gulf
in partnership with FBN
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Family Business
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Hall 3 Room 8-A
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18 October 2023
11:15 - 12:45 Abu Dhabi

Family businesses worldwide have increasingly recognized the need to become more transparent and communicative about their social and environmental impact, both locally and globally. On key issues such as social equity and climate change, families are looking for ways to contribute to the SDGs and ensure their future legacy.

In 2019, UNCTAD and the Family Business Network jointly launched the Family Business for Sustainable Development (FBSD) Initiative – the first partnership between the United Nations and the global family business community. Since then, the FBSD partnership has provided a platform for family businesses to embed sustainability into business strategies, track progress and assess impact. In this session, we will hear from participants in the initiative as well as from leading family businesses about their sustainability journeys and their roles in helping to achieve the SDGs.

Session themes:

  • How far have family businesses come in terms of aligning their legacy with the SDG goals? What are the key steps they need to take?
  • What are the business opportunities and benefits for family business in connecting to the SDGs?
  • What role does transparency play in helping family businesses accelerate their sustainability journeys?


Managing Director of Sales & Development, DAMAC Properties and Founder & Chief Executive Officer, PRYPCO
Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, AlAbdulrazzaq Group


Chief, Responsible Investment and Partnership Initiatives, Division on Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD