Empretec 2016 Women in Business Awards Ceremony

Empowering women entrepreneurs
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21 July 2016
18:00 - 21:00 Africa/Nairobi

The Empretec Women in Business Award (E-WBA) is awarded to women who have benefited from the business development services of the Empretec programme – a pioneering UNCTAD programme for the promotion of entrepreneurship that operates in 36 developing countries. In line with the theme of this year’s World Investment Forum, the E-WBA will focus on the crucial role that women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment contribute to the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals agenda. The awards presentation is intended to be both entertaining and inspirational, and provide an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to share their experience on how they contribute to sustainable development in different sectors by starting at the local level. Aside from showcasing 3 finalists, 2 special mention recognitions will also be granted to a young entrepreneur and a social start-up respectively.

The ceremony will highlight the role of women entrepreneurs in developing innovative business ideas, providing jobs, and increasing incomes in their communities. It will also discuss some of the main challenges women in developing countries encounter when developing their businesses;

  • Present and celebrate the 3 winners of the E-WBA 2016

The ceremony will conclude with the announcement of partnership agreements for the 5 finalists (these could be investment opportunities, study tours, mentorships)

Issues to be addressed

  • Facilitating micro-level performance of women entrepreneurs towards achieving the SDGs
  • The impact of SDGs and other global accords on women entrepreneurs’ performance and reporting
  • Women empowerment in achieving the SDGs

Find out more about Empretec and the Women in Business Award http://empretec.unctad.org/.


Secretary-General, UNCTAD
Independent Television Presenter and Moderator, South Africa, Independent
Journalist, Citizen TV
Chief Executive Officer, Empretec Network, Argentina
Chief Executive Officer, Empretec Network, The Gambia
Chief Executive Officer, Empretec Network, Mauritius
Chief Executive Officer, Empretec Network, Uganda
Chief Executive Officer, Empretec Network, Viet Nam
CEO, Empretec, Zambia
Minister of SMEs, Ministry of SMEs, Panama
Minister of Trade Regional Integration and Employment, Gambia
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Finance & Development, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, US Department of State, United States
Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Netherlands
Minister of Small Business Development, South Africa
Deputy-Secretary-General, Commonwealth of Nations
Senior Programme Officer, Kauffman Foundation
Chief Executive Officer, 100 Women in Hedge Funds
Chief Executive Officer, Athgo
Managing Director, Child and Youth Finance International
Regional Manager, Symbiotics, Switzerland
African Women Entrepreneurship Group
Women’s Rights Program Manager, Graça Machel Trust, South Africa
Chief Executive, African Forum Scotland
Chief Executive Officer, IDCMs
Executive Sourcing Manager – Sub Saharan Africa, General Electric
Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Trust
Director, Empretec Network, Argentina
Director, The Gambian Investment and Export Agency
Managing Director, Empretec Network
Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Uganda
Director , Banco Nacion Argentina