COP28 Global Dialogue and Investment Focused Events (closed session)

in partnership with the COP28 Incoming Presidency, UNFCCC, IRENA and ADGM
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Climate Finance and Investment
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17 October 2023
09:00 - 18:00 Abu Dhabi

Following the first Global Dialogue held in Bonn in June this year, the second COP28 preparatory Global Dialogue and Investment Focused Events will continue the preparation of decisions for adoption at COP28, with a particular focus on climate finance and investment.

The Global Dialogue and Investment Focused Events, organized by the COP28 incoming presidency, UNFCCC, and IRENA in partnership with UNCTAD and Abu Dhabi Global Markets, will be held from 15 to 17 October (the closed Global Dialogue meetings on 15 and 16 October will be hosted at Abu Dhabi Global Markets) and will incorporate specific events of the climate finance and investment track of the World Investment Forum. The overall outcome of deliberations will feed directly into COP28 negotiations.

The Global Dialogues and Investment Focused Events were agreed by the Parties at COP27. The second Global Dialogue will aim to identify challenges, barriers and roadblocks in accelerating the just energy transition; develop actionable solutions and innovations for policies, institutional arrangements, finance and technologies; and explore opportunities to direct finance flows towards the implementation of mitigation projects on the ground.

The Investment Focused Events will zoom in on unlocking finance for mitigation projects on the ground, overcoming barriers to access to finance, and identifying investment opportunities and actionable solutions informed by NDCs for public and private financiers, investors and international climate finance providers.