Capital as a Force for Good: session 3

Delivering multistakeholder change at scale
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Sustainable Stock Exchanges
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WIF Virtual Platform, room 9
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22 October 2021
12:30 - 13:30 Europe/Zurich

Achieving the SDGs and net zero carbon emissions are crucial parts of the long-term global transition to the sustainable information agea transition that is broader and will define the global flow of funds and the creation of value for decades to come. Funding this requires multi-stakeholder alignment, and this will likely not be mobilized at the scale required if that scale is that of a charitable endeavour, or one funded by governments through taxes, or one undertaken at losses. Hence, the requirement is to fund investment themes where profits are made at sufficient levels to reward bold action and risk taking, allowing for re-investment in the future, while providing for employment, taxes, social security, and pensions today. The estimated gap to fund the SDGs by 2030 is USD100 trillion.

Force for Good’s (F4G) mission is to influence the mobilization of capital, resources, and ideas as a force for good in the world at a time of profound change, supporting the United Nations Secretary General’s strategy and roadmap for sustainable development to 2030 and the transition to the future. In furtherance of this objective, F4G is hosting several sessions at the World Investment Forum to explore the world’s key challenges, the efforts underway by finance industry leaders to address these, and the game-changing ideas with the potential to shift the world to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

In this session, those leaders at the front line of mobilizing their organizations for large scale sustainable investment from finance, technology and other global stakeholders will discuss the practical execution considerations for funding the SDGs and the transition to a sustainable and inclusive future. The systemic change needed requires a multi-stakeholder effort and the integration of finance, technology, civil society and policy to ensure that the world’s challenges are fully met.

Issues to be addressed

  • What are the key initiatives that are driving change towards sustainable development in major global institutions?
  • What is working well in driving capital and innovation towards solutions that make a difference to the SDGs and a broader transition to a sustainable digital future?
  • What are the barriers and changes required to unlock the flow of capital to address the world’s most pressing challenge?


Chief Sustainability Officer, Credit Suisse
Executive Vice President ESG, State Street
Global Head of Sustainability, Investec
Chief, UNCTAD New York Office of the Secretary General
Director, Force for Good


Chair, Force for Good