Capacity building for FDI practitioners (organised by WAIPA)

21 Oct 2021

Capacity building for FDI practitioners (organised by WAIPA)

The most recent WAIPA-WBG Global survey on the state of IPAs found that some of the most critical challenges next to budgetary and financial issue as well as bureaucratic challenges is human capital. Particularly in IPAs in developed countries the capacity of the staff seems is seen as critical factor, in fact there 80% of IPAs claim that this factor challenges their performance, while in developing countries this number is lower with 56%, and there more challenges regarding budgets and bureaucratic procedures prevail.

Moreover, IPAs are bound to work with partner institutions. In the same survey, it was reported that however 57% of the respondents claim a lack capacity or knowledge partner entities. Both issues can be successfully tackled by constant capacity building as undertaken by both WAIPA and UNCTAD. This workshop would aim to look at successful strategies of IPAs to engage in capacity building and how holistic approaches, in the sense of allowing other entities and practitioners to benefit from capacity building on investment promotion matters, can play critical roles in serving stakeholders and investors more effectively.

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