Behind Women in Business Awards

Session Type
Investment Village
Session Themes
Gender Equality
Room number
Enterprise Corner- Investment Village
19 October 2023
13:00 - 15:00 Abu Dhabi

This session introduces the people and institutions at work behind the Women in Business Awards 2023.

Women entrepreneurs will talk about the importance of promoting women entrepreneurship, challenges they encounter and opportunities they seize, joined by experts of the 2023 Women in Business Award selection panel who will share their views on spearheading women-led businesses and directors of Empretec business development centers who will highlight how female-led businesses can thrive through networking and capacity building activities.

The Women in Business Award ceremony celebrates purpose-driven enterprises led by women entrepreneurs which deliver real social impact good jobs, solid opportunities, and sustainable business models.

The Empretec Women in Business Awards is part of UNCTAD’s Empretec capacity-building programme for entrepreneurs and small business owners. To raise awareness of the economic and social impact of women’s underrepresentation in business and to showcase outstanding women entrepreneurs from developing countries, UNCTAD launched the Awards in 2008. 

The Awards, granted every two years, have made a real impact on the lives of past recipients, improving their access to further training, widening their markets and boosting their motivation to continue growing their enterprises.


Head, Partnerships, Wowzi
Co-Founder and Creative Director, Polygon8
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Orby
Chief Executive Officer, VNI SCIENTIFIC SDN. BHD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Yaxare
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sparkle Agro
Chief Executive Officer, E-waste social
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 360Moms
Co-founder, Robbina Inclusive Design
Founder, Tuba by Ararat
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cool Plastic
Chief Executive Officer, DIYCLUB Fashion and Sewing Academy