Approaches by Developing Countries to Reforming Investment Rules

South-South dialogue and cooperation
organized with Indonesia and the South Centre
Session Type
Side Events
Room number
Investment Village
20 July 2016
13:00 - 14:30 Africa/Nairobi

Several developing economies have been withdrawing from investment treaties, and seeking to find alternatives either through national laws or through designing new investment treaty models that reflect a more balanced approach. In their reviews, they are more attentive to finding a balanced approach and reducing legal liability under investor-state dispute settlement when it comes to regulatory action taken in the public interest. During the year 2015, Indonesia continued the review of its investment treaty model. India released its new investment treaty model. South Africa adopted a new national investment law that entered into force at the end of 2015. Brazil developed its ‘Investment Facilitation and Cooperation’ treaty model. Within this context, the proposed event will serve as a space for reviewing the approaches adopted by selected developing countries, and reflecting on the importance of South-South dialogue in regard to the future of the investment treaty regime.


  • Representative from Indonesia
  • Representative from Brazil
  • Representative from South Africa
  • Representative from India


Senior Advisor on Finance and Development, The South Centre