AIM Congress Partner Event

Adapting to a shifting investment landscape: harnessing new potential for global economic development
organized by AIM Global Foundation
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UAE Partnerships
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Hall 6 Room 15
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19 October 2023
10:00 - 13:00 Abu Dhabi

The global economy has faced several challenges in 2022, many of which persist in 2023. Although supply chains have to an extent returned to normal, other issues, such as high inflation rates, still plague economies today. More risks lie ahead in the form of financial markets repricing, the slowdown in China, more widespread debt distress, and geo-economic fragmentation. Going forward, efforts to strengthen economies must be centered on building a resilient and inclusive future.  

The Annual Investment Meeting - AIM Congress in 2024 will focus on fostering global economic development through increased gains from digitalization ; flexible and inclusive labor markets and enhancing business dynamism in cities; mitigating supply shortages; and harnessing new market potentials and opportunities. 

Session themes: 

  • Digital Financial Inclusion - Moving Towards an Innovative, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy. 
  • The Future of Cities – Thriving Amid Turbulence. 
  • Supply Chains - The Road Ahead - 2024 Challenges & Opportunities. 
  • The Rise of Family Offices – 2024 Investment Directions. 


Knowledge Partner, International Business Advisor
President, AIM Global Foundation
Chief Executive Officer, EcoX group
Chief Executive Officer, Maverika
Founder, IC1101 Inc
Director, Life Solutions Company Connected Business Unit, NIFCO Inc
Chairman, Union of Arab ICT
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Greenful
Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction, Heriot Watt University
Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director, Japan Innovation Park GIA
Deputy Chairman, VEB.RF
Board Member, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce
Regional Director GCC, Founder Institute
Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Free Zones Authority
Director Qatar and GCC, Founder Institute
Founder and CEO, Annex Investments


Head of Investment and Services, World Economic Forum
Editor, Global Data