World Investment Forum 2012


The World Investment Forum 2012, organized in partnership with Government of Qatar, took place in the Qatar National Convention Centre, in conjunction with UNCTAD XIII Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar. It attracted over 1,400 investment stakeholders from 145 countries who participated in 15 main events and meetings and a host of side events. Among the countries represented, high-level policymakers from more than 30 least-developed countries (LDCs) took part in the forum, giving credence to the forum’s aim of promoting pro-poor investment in these economies.

Like the 2010 Forum, the World Investment Forum 2012 provided opportunities to interact with global leaders, senior policy-makers, corporate executives, investors and heads of investment promotion agencies from countries around the world.

The World Investment Forum 2012 focused on the changing patterns of foreign investment in the post-crisis global economy, including investment in low-carbon growth and technologies. It addressed investment-related challenges and opportunities arising from emerging global economic governance structures, and contributed to developing partnerships and policy options for promoting sustainable investment and inclusive growth.

The 2012 forum led to the high-level recognition and endorsement by ministers and Heads of State and government of investment for sustainable development as a principle for policy-making and investor decisions, and the launch of three of UNCTAD’s investment-related policy tools: namely the Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development, the Entrepreneurship Policy Framework, and a new accounting development toolkit.

World Investment Forum 2012 Review