A sustainability success story on Mount Kilimanjaro

Private Sector Solutions for Sustainable Development

A sustainability success story on Mount Kilimanjaro

Thursday, 25 October;13:00-14:00; 3rd Floor, Bulding E, Exibition Area

Nature Discovery

Kilimanjaro; Africa’s famous snow-capped mountain, has been the backdrop to one of tourism’s best success stories in sustainable tourism practices. Nature Discovery, a Tanzanian based Kilimanjaro trek operator, has been at the center of this sustainable movement, developing systems of transparency and ethical porter treatment standards in the Kilimanjaro trekking tourist trade. The presentation is the story of how they did it, the challenges they faced along the way, and how this ‘went viral’ and changed the way that business is run on Africa’s highest mountain.

Speaker:  Mr. Thomas M. Holden, General Manager


Event Managers: Ms. Christiane Stepanek-Allen & Mr. Oktawian Kuc
Contact email: christiane.stepanek@unctad.org, oktawian.kuc@un.org