About Kenya

World investment leaders will gather to define the sustainable development investment agenda surrounded by diversity, nature and rich heritage. Kenya is the ultimate safari destination, providing travelers with a window into the heart of Africa. Located near the equator, Kenya’ magic lies in the fact that the country encompasses astounding variety of landscapes and climates, flora and fauna, as well as communities and cultures, home to water sports, a swim with dolphins and adventure. With 7 UNESCO heritage sites and a track record of cultural preservation of its 42 tribes, Kenya is truly a melting pot of African culture. For more information on Kenya, click here.

About the Venue

The 2016 World Investment Forum will take place in Nairobi, Kenya at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre -“Africa’s premier meeting centre”. The conference facility boasts a conference room with a capacity of over 4000 delegates. It has state of the art simultaneous interpretation Equipment with capability of translating up to 7 languages, a modern business centre, banking facility, expansive grounds and ample and secure parking.

The geographical position of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, places it as the best and main conferencing city in the East Africa region through Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC). This centre commonly referred to as “KICC” has been revamped and refurbished over the years. The renovations at the centre have seen the branding of meeting rooms and a large percentage of the facility to reflect the great diversity of Kenya’s tourist attractions. The KICC Helipad is the only one in Nairobi city and is located on the top tier of the tower.For additional information on Kenya and the tourism opportunities available to you while you are there, visit the Kenya Tourism Board website.


The host country has provided details on nearby hotels, their pricing, and availability on this website. Please click here to find a hotel near to the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.


Kenya Airways has travel offers for UNCTAD 14 conference participants. Register here to receive offers.


Health information for delegates attending UNCTAD 14, including temperature, altitude, entry requirements, emergency and medical services and vaccination certification requirements can be found here.


Details on local transportation to and from the conference venue can be found here.

Visa information

For information on Kenya’s Visa procedures, please click here. Please note that Kenya is now offering an online visa application procedure, which you can access here.